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The second phase of the relay protection research training


In the second phase of relay training, a total of 38 students participated in the training and conducted an assessment. After passing the assessment, they can obtain a special operation relay protection operation certificate issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau. Compared with other subjects, relay protection projects have more content, difficult learning, and tight schedules. Students should refer to the timetable to participate in the teaching of corresponding subjects, make full use of class time to consolidate knowledge points, and facilitate examinations.



Relay protection training content:

Subject 1: Use of safety equipment

Commonly used instruments for relay protection

Inspection and use of common safety equipment

Subject 2: Safe operation technology

Discrete component electromagnetic current relay inspection

Polarity check of current transformer (10kV feeder interval of substation in operation)

Current quick-break protection inspection (circuit microcomputer protection device)

Inspection of automatic device for line reclosing

Subject3: Inspection of Hidden Hazards on the Job Site

Fault finding of closing circuit of circuit breaker

Standby power supply automatic switching device refuses to move

Fault Finding of Trip Circuit Breaking

Subject 4: Emergency treatment at the job site

Emergency treatment at the scene of electric shock accident

Single freehand CPR operation

Selection and use of fire extinguishers


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